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Mombasa served as capital of the East Africa Protectorate from 1898-1905.During this time the city's new port and the railway to Uganda were constructed.The years between 16 were marked by successive battles between the Portuguese and the Sultanate of Oman, who conquered it.

There is a tropical climate all year and it is a great destination filled with activities for all ages.It is a very cosmopolitan city, and you can see a group of Muslims wearing niqab (here known as "bui bui") and Giryama people wearing almost nothing at the same time and place.Together with Nairobi, it is the only place in the country that has a status as both city and county.Under orders of Francisco de Almeida, the Portuguese returned to pillage the village in 15 before capturing it in 1529.They constructed Fort Jesus in 1593, together with five smaller forts, and made Mombasa a Portuguese stronghold on the route to India.

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